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Good Day, How Is Your Surgical Handpiece Doing?

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You know this well. The moment your patient has seated herself at your desk and you pose the obvious question; hi, how are you doing today – or – how are you feeling otherwise, treatment has begun. Cynical or disheartened patients may see this as one of the oldest tricks in the medical journal, but you and all your colleagues know that this is necessary and is in fulfillment of you carrying out the Hippocratic Oath.

But folks often don’t always appreciate this; things won’t always go well on your side. This is critical. Because if your surgery is negatively impacted, it can have a direct impact on your patients’ wellbeing. And so it goes, and you’ve got to appreciate this when it happens to you someday in the near future. Enjoy the moment when your service repairman asks you the similar question as to how your surgical handpiece is doing.

Not so well; which is why you brought your endoscope in for a necessary surgical handpiece repair in the first place. You will be pleased to know that this technician can be trusted with your medical implements. After all, he is part of a group of skilled technicians with combined and product specific years of experience. Service is excellent. You hand in your endoscope for repairs and not more than three or so days later, you get the call that it is ready for collection.

Standard business practice, it is also a universally accepted concept, is to conform to two working day’s turnaround times. But in your line, time is of the essence. Talk to your endoscope repair technician about speeding up the process of repair and delivery. Rest assured that he will be endeavoring to make a way for you and your patients.